What is the 75 Hard Program?

75 Hard is a mental toughness program created by Andy Frisella. It has several components (diet, physical, and mental) that MUST be completed each day for 75 days.

This guide provides the basic information about the rules and tasks to complete during the program. I put it together to share with friends and family who are interested in learning more about 75 Hard.

Rules of the 75 Hard Program

The following are the 75 Hard Rules as I understand them. Each task will be completed every day for 75 days. Not completing one task is a failure and you must restart day 1 again.

The day starts when you get up in the morning and ends when you go to bed. If you have to stay up to 3am to finish a task that is OK. The program is officially over when you wake up on day 76.

75 Hard Spade
  • Follow a diet of your choice
  • No alcohol
  • Do two 45 minute workouts each day. At least one must be outside.
  • Read at least 10 pages of a non-fiction book
  • Drink 1 gallon of water
  • Take a progress picture

– Follow a Diet of your Choice

You may choose any diet that works to help you meet your goals. The focus should be on clean and healthy foods. There are NO cheat days… NO exceptions.

– No Alcohol

You cannot drink any alcohol for 75 days. NOT ONE SIP!

– Do Two 45 Minute Workouts Each Day

Each day you must do two workouts of at least 45 minutes. There must be at least 3 hours between the workouts.

One of the workout must be outdoors. Outdoors means you are in the weather… if it rains you’re gonna get wet.

Chores like mowing the grass or snow shoveling don’t count as a workout. Neither do things like playing golf…

– Read at Least 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction Book

You must read a minimum of 10 pages each day of a non-fiction book that will help improve you in some way. Once you start a book you must finish that book before starting the next one.

The book can be physical or an e-reader but not an audio book. Be careful with an e-reader that you actually reading 10 pages.

The book cannot be one that is required for work or school.

– Drink 1 Gallon of Water

You must drink 1 gallon (128 ounces, 4 quarts, 3.8 litres) of plain water. Coffee and tea don’t count. Nothing can be added to the water!

– Take a Progress Picture

Each day you have to take a picture of yourself. Don’t forget… this is a reason many people fail!

More Information about 75 Hard

Live Hard Program

After you complete a 75 Hard you may want to try the Live Hard. The year long program consists of the 75 Hard and three 30 days Phases.

Live Hard Phase 1

Phase 1 can start anytime after completing a 75 Hard. It lasts 30 days. This phase has the same tasks as 75 Hard plus the following…

  • 3 bonus tasks the you pick which will help move you forward in your goals
  • 10 minutes of active visualization
  • 5 minute cold shower

Live Hard Phase 2

Phase 2 can begin after at least 30 days from completion of Phase 1. This phase is the same tasks as the 75 Hard.

Live Hard Phase 3

Phase 3 is executed during the last 30 days of the year to finish on the day before you started the 75 Hard. If you fail during this Phase you cannot complete the Live Hard. Phase 3 is the same tasks as the 75 Hard plus the following…

  • 3 bonus tasks the you pick which will help move you forward in your goals
  • 5 minute cold shower
  • 1 Random act of kindness
  • Have a conversation with a stranger